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Products > Contact angle, surface tension > SURFTENS UNIVERSAL

SURFTENS-universal is a measuring instrument for contact angle, SFE and surface tension. SURFTENS universal covers a wide range of applications in all industry fields, is suitable for specimen up to 50mm thickness and economically priced by manual operation. It can be equipped with motorized pump and other additional features.


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SURFTENS universal



SURFTENS universal


The modification of the wetting ability of technical surfaces by special surface treatments becomes more and more common in industry and research. For process characterization, adjustment of technological parameters and production control it is therefore absolutely necessary, to measure the surface free energy objectively and accurately before and after the modification process.


For this purpose a robust and easy to use contact angle measuring instrument is needed. SURFTENS universal was developed to meet the needs in industry and research. The operation is simple and for everybody possible after a short training.

The SURFTENS universal standard equipment has 1 manual dosing unit.

The image processing software measures fully automatic the contact angle with highest accuracy. The software includes a module for calculation of surface free energy (SFE) using the contact angles of up to 5 measuring liquids.

The manual dosing unit is excellent operateable and allows the effective and fast measurement of wettability of the surface, for instance the test of surface cleaning or pre-treatment.

Using a special software function, a reproducibility of the drop volume of 0,1µl can be easily achieved.

The exact imaging of the drop is provided by a high quality zoom lens. The magnification range of the zoom lens is exactly adapted to the standard drop sizes.


The construction of the manual dosing unit allows a fast and easy change of the syringe.


The upgrade to a manual multi dosing unit or a motorized dosing unit is always possible.

SURFTENS universal basic version


-Zoom optics 6,5x mounted on fine focus stage

-adjustable viewing angle

-specimen table 100mm diameter

-40 mm height adjustment range of specimen table

-specimen table can be pulled out laterally for easy use of specimen

-specimen table ha a laterally fine movement for applying drops side by side

-powerful LED illumination

-Kamera 1,3MPixel

-z-stage for manual dosing unit for exact height adjustment

lateral adjustment of measuring optics by

-Software for measurement of contact angle and SFE

Equipment levels

The basic version can be extended by a motorized, software contolled dosing unit with exactly adjustable drop volume.

The motorized dosing unit allows the accurately control of the dosing dynamics and speed. The makes possible the exact measurement of advancing and receding contact angle. This dosing mode enables local inhomogeneities to be averaged out and therefore a reliable measurement to be recorded.

SURFTENS universal with motorized dosing unit

SURFTENS universal with motorized double dosing unit









Watch product video: SURFTENS universal standard version

View product video: SURFTENS universal - automatic version


Download PDF

SURFTENS universal flyer